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This page contains links to websites and useful documents available in the public domain.  For documents specific to the flying club and operations from RAF Brize Norton please go to Members Only Files.


Manuals, Guides and Tutorials

Screenshot_2020-05-04 GNS430_PilotsGuide

Garmin 430 User Manual


SkyDemon User Guide

Screenshot_2020-05-14 SkyDemon

SkyDemon Tutorial Videos


Kneepad Resources

Screenshot_2020-05-14 EGVN-Brize-Norton-

Brize Norton Aerodrome Plate

Screenshot_2020-05-04 L01_LARS_A5_Leafle

LARS frequencies and coverage map - Nov 2020

Screenshot_2020-05-14 EGVN-Brize-Norton-

Brize Norton Visual Plate

Screenshot_2020-05-04 RT_Kneeboard pdf.p

RT Prompt Card

Screenshot_2020-05-04 ASI_Altimetry_Key_

Key tips - Altimetry

Feb 2020

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Southern England F

Radio Frequencies Card - Southern England and Wales

Screenshot_2020-05-04 S03_Squawk_A5_Jan_

Frequency Monitoring Codes Listening Squawks - Nov 2020


Useful Documents

Screenshot_2020-05-04 CAP1535_Skyway_Cod

CAA Skyway Code - optimised for printing

Screenshot_2020-05-04 StandardOverheadJo

The Standard Overhead Join

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Brize Norton Zone

RAF Brize Norton Control Zone


Screenshot_2020-05-04 CAP1535_Skyway_Cod

CAA Skyway Code - optimised for screen viewing

Screenshot_2020-05-04 CAP413 MAY16 2 pdf

Radiotelephony Manual

CAP 413 - Nov 2020

Screenshot_2020-05-04 getmet pdf.png

Met Office GetMet leaflet


CAA Safety Sense Leaflets


Useful Websites

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Gasco.png

GASCO - General Aviation Safety Council

Screenshot_2020-05-04 Home - Airspace Sa

Airspace and Safety Initiative