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Links to websites useful for pre-flight planning.



Graphical map-based and text NOTAMs from

Screenshot_2020-05-04 National Flight Pl

NOTAM map from

Screenshot_2020-05-04 UKGA - general avi



Met Office Aviation Briefing Service

TAFs, METARs, Regional Pressure Settings, Surface Pressure Charts, F214 (spot wind) and F215 (low-level forecast).

Requires registration for free account - click HERE to register.

Map-based graphical represenation of weather and forecasts with lots of data useful for aviation such as cloud base, visibility and wind speeds at different altitudes.

5 day meteogram with charts showing forecast temperatures, cloud cover and wind speeds.

More detailed forecast for Brize HERE.

Netweather Weather Radar
Visible and IR satellite images updated every 5 minutes.  Other general weather resources also.

AIP Documents


UK Military AIP

AIRACs and AIP documents relating to UK Military aerodromes including aerodrome layout and approach plates.


AIRACs and AIP documents relating to UK airspace and civilian aerodromes.