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All membership is for 12 months with fees due annually by 1st March.  A pro-rata amount is paid by those joining at any other time of the year.  Service rates are applicable both for current and ex-forces personnel

Junior Ranks           £150

Officers/SNCO.        £200

Civilian                     £250

                 Membership Fees shown are effective 1 Mar 24.

Aircraft Hire

When comparing our rates with other clubs/schools, bear in mind that we charge on tacho time rather than 'chock to chock'. The difference is roughly between time the aircraft is airborne rather than when it starts/finishing moving. This typically reduces the cost of an hour’s flight by around 10-15% and translates to a 45 hour block time training course being charged at less than 40 hours tacho time. There are no home-based landing fees.

Price per tacho hour (equates to approximately 1hr 10 mins logbook time).

Service               PA28 Warrior - £150 per tacho hour.    PA28 Archer - £165 per tacho hour.

Civilian               PA28 Warrior - £170 per tacho hour.    PA28 Archer - £185 per tacho hour.


Prices effective 4 Jan 2024 and do not include an instructor. (see below). Trial lessons are £130 and include ~40 min flight.


Price for hire is 'wet' (inclusive of fuel). Prices subject to change - up to date prices in clubhouse.


Instructor fees

Charged on tacho time plus 0.2 (for pre and post-flight briefings).

£35 per hour for PPL/LAPL

£45 per hour for IMC/IR(R)/Night Rating

Ground exams £32 per exam

Costs of training with Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

Current and ex-service personnel can use ELCs to fund some of their training.  Standard Learning Credits (SLC) can also be used.

​All training is carried out on the PA28 Warrior.

The calculations below are based on HIGHER RATE Enhanced Learning Credits used towards a full PPL licence.

Please note this information is only to be used as a guide and is for the PPL (45hrs). Actual costs may vary.

For the LAPL, 30hrs of training is required. If split over 2 years (15hrs each @ £180 per hour) it equates to £5400 total (£2700 per year) with a personal contribution of £1400 (£700 per year).

The LAPL medical is £132 and CAA licence fee £166. Total contribution = £2407.


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Registered provider: 1393

Year 1 / Phase 1

23 Hours Flying @ £190 (inc instructor)

(Minus) ELC Deductions

Personal contribution

Year 2 / Phase 2

22 Hours Flying @ £190 (inc instructor)

(Minus) ELC Deductions

Personal contribution



- £2,000.00




- £2,000.00


Total personal contribution (not covered by ELC)


Phase One Flying Training (as above)

Phase Two Flying Training (as above)

RT Practical Exam

Ground Exams (9 @ £32 each) *

Medical (Class 2)

Skills Test Examiner Fee

Log Book

Flight Computer

Flight Ruler & Protractor



Licence Issue (paid to CAA)

Total estimated personal costs














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