All membership is for 12 months with fees due annually by 1st March.  A pro-rata amount is paid by those joining at any other time of the year.  Service rates are applicable both for current and ex-forces personnel

Junior Ranks           £120

Officers/SNCO         £150

Civilian                      £200

Aircraft Hire - PA28 Warrior

Price per Tacho hour (equates to approximately 1hr 10 mins logbook time).

Service                      £125

Civillian                     £140


Prices do not include an instructor. (see below)


Price for hire is wet (inclusive of fuel & home based landings).


Instructor costs (to cover instructor expenses):

£25 per hour for PPL/LAPL

£30 per hour for IMC/IR(R)/Night Rating

Costs of training with Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

Current and ex-service personnel can use ELCs to fund some of their training.  Standard Learning Credits (SLC) can also be used.

​All training is carried out on the PA28 Warrior.

The calculations below are based on HIGHER RATE Enhanced Learning Credits used towards a full PPL licence.

Year 1 / Phase 1

23 Hours Flying @ £150 (inc instructor)

(Minus) ELC Deductions

Personal contribution

Year 2 / Phase 2

22 Hours Flying @ £150 (inc instructor)

(Minus) ELC Deductions

Personal contribution

Total personal contribution (not covered by ELC)

Phase One Flying Training (as above)

Phase Two Flying Training (as above)

RT Practical Exam

Ground Exams (9 @ £30 each) *


Skills Test

Log Book

Flight Computer

Flight Ruler & Protractor



Licence Issue (paid to CAA)

Total estimated personal costs



- £2,000.00




- £2,000.00

















More information on ELC can be found on the ELCAS website - click on logo above.

* Ground exam text books can be borrowed from the club